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                 Rusty Spur Youth Rodeo Series Rules

General Information

1. The Rusty Spur Youth Rodeo Series will offer 8 rodeos from April through October 2024.  Rodeo’s will be once a month April-October @ 7pm Find a full list of dates on the home page of our facebook 
2. No membership fee will be required. However, in order to facilitate the purchase of year-end awards, a $3 award fee is included in the entry fee for each run & a $5.00 stock fee after that is deducted a 50% payout is paid.
3. Contestants must be 19 years or younger by April 1, 2024 to participate besides open events. 

Be prepared to show proof of age if requested.

4. Western attire is required: long pants, long sleeve collared shirt, western boots, and a cowboy hat or helmet.
5. All contestants will be required to sign a 2024 Rusty Spur liability release form. Any contestant under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign the release form in the presence of the rodeo secretary or they will not compete.
6. Fees must be paid in cash only.
7. Judges decisions are final. Only contestants may question a judge.
8. Mishandling of stock will result in disqualification of contestant.
9. Current negative coggins required.
10. Call-ins: Books will open the Monday before each rodeo, and calls will be accepted from 6-8pm Monday & Tuesday only please leave message if no answer. 

Gate fee is $5 a person 6 years and older. Contestants will be required to pay $5 at the gate due to non- membership fee.

1. Call-in number is (573) 380-4071. You may also enter on the website  Monday&Tuesday til midnight only after that you will be charged a late fee. Please include your name, and event/s in which you will participate. You should also include your birth date.
2. Draw-outs: A contestant can draw-out by calling before 5 pm Thursday.
If a contestant does not draw-out, and is a “no-show”, he/she will have a $10 fine added to their entry fee for each event at the next youth rodeo.
3. Points for the last rodeo of the season will be doubled.

Awards & Payback:

Year-end awards will be based on points earned at all 8 rodeos. Points will awarded as follows:

      1st place = 10 points, 2nd place = 9 points, 3rd place = 8 points, 4th place = 7 points, 5th place = 6 points, 6th place = 5 points, 7th place = 4 points, 8th place = 3 points, 9th place = 2 points, 10th place = 1 point.

To qualify for a buckle, contestants must enter at least 5 of the 8 rodeos and must receive a score/time in at least 5 of the 8 rodeos.

All-Around: Only 3 events may be used toward all-around points. Contestants must declare which events they wish to use for all around points no later than our second rodeo. Contestants may compete in more than 3 events, but only points earned in the 3 declared events will be used for all around points. A contestant may not change his/her declared events after they have been declared. Open events can not be declared toward the all around points if you have declared the same event already. For example you can either declare Open Barrels or your division barrels but not both.

Payback will be 50% after the $3 awards fee is deducted and a $5 Stock fee.

Specific event information:

1. Team roping teams can be made up of two youth contestants or one youth contestant and one adult. 2 loops can be used. Stripping chute will be left open.

2. Team ropers do not have to call in. Team Roping entries begin at 9pm. Team Ropers that come through the gate after attendant has left will be required to pay a gate fee also before roping.

3. Barrel racers and pole benders will be allowed an open gate on the way into the arena with an open gate at the finish. There will be a 5 second penalty on each knocked down barrel or pole.

4. Junior barrels, poles and goats are open to age 13 and under. However, a contestant may not compete or earn points in both pee-wees and juniors. If a contestant starts the season in one division they stay in that division throughout the whole season.

5. Calf ropers and breakaway ropers will be allowed 2 loops if 2 ropes are carried, but stripping chute will be left open.

Ropers will run behind a score line. An attempt to rope before the score line will result in a 10 second penalty.

6 . A 45 second clock will be used on all livestock timed events. All rough stock events you will be required to wear protective gear. Helmet is a must and rodeo protective vest.

Questions about these rules or anything not covered in these rules should be addressed to Kevin Small

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